Date Duration Host country 
07.08-16.08.2021 10 days Iceland
650 €

Iceland hiking: landing on another planet

We invite you to go hiking in one of the most unusual, austere and at the same time fantastically beautiful countries – Iceland.

We will walk through green valleys surrounded by huge glaciers and colorful mountains, see active volcanoes and pass lava fields. We will swim in thermal rivers, walk on a black beach with sand of volcanic origin and visit the icy lagoon.

Iceland hiking: landing on another planet

Host country:

Tour date:
07.08-16.08.2021 г. 

10 days

~90 км.

Medium (preferably having hiking experience)

Tour reservation by tel:
+38 (098) 957 31 22

Or by:

Hurry up, the number of participants is limited!

For companies of 6 people and more it is possible to organize the tour on convenient dates.

Our route:

Reykjavik – nat. Landmannalaugara Park – Brenninsteinsalda Volcano – Lake Alftawatn – Emstrua Canyon – Lava Desert – Toursmerk Valley – Eyjafjallajökull Volcano – Skogafoss Waterfall – Vik Village – Nat. Skaftafetl Park – Black Waterfall – Icoolsarlon Ice Lagoon – Hveragerdy – Golden Ring – Geyser Valley – Gudlfoss Two-Cascade Waterfall – Reykjavik

Day 1
The group gathers at a campsite in Reykjavik (the exact time and place of the meeting will be announced closer to the date of the hike). Today is our first day in Iceland, we get used to this magical country and its white nights, meet the group, check the equipment. We also walk around the city.

Day 2
Here we have two options
– The Golden Ring: we visit the valley of geysers and the two-cascade Gudlfoss waterfall.
– Or we might go whale-watching. You can also choose to walk around the city instead. In the evening we return to Reykjavik and spend the night at the campsite.

Day 3
Moving to Landmannalaugara Park with colorful fantastic-looking mountains:) we leave our things at the campsite and explore the unusual mountains of the most unexpected colors: turquoise, green, bright red, etc. without the backpacks. Also today we will make a radial ascent to the top of an extinct volcano.
And today there will be many raging and smoky hot springs to look at. You can even swim in one of them. Views of the surrounding mountains are just spectacular!

Day 4
Today is our first full walking day. We set off in the morning. The views of the rainbow-coloured mountains are breathtaking and inspiring, and bursts of smoke beat out of the ground from time to time. The height difference is about 500 meters. We spend the night on the site with a beautiful view of the lake Alftavatn – “Swan Lake”, height 538 m.

Day 5
On this day, our route will lay along Lake Alftawatn. We will also cross several rivers. And this time the rivers won’t be thermal :). Most of the way we will follow a flat path, but first we’ll need to descend 500 m. We will go around the canyon, after which there will be a very steep descent down to the bridge. And the further the route, the more interesting it will become! We will get to a birch grove and collect mushrooms there. In the evening we will get to the lava fields called Fausheidi and walk on the footbridge over the river Emstrua.

Day 6
On this day we will cross a wide valley along the river and closer to noon we will get to Thorsmörk National Park (“Torah Forest”). We stay in the campsite and make radial exits (without backpacks) to the observation decks with stunning views of the forest and huge glaciers!

Day 7
The hardest day of the hike. We will need to climb the 1070 meters high, which is located between two glaciers, and cross some snow-covered fields. Stunning views are waiting for us! We will visit the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, which in 2010 paralyzed air travel in Western Europe. Its streams of frozen lava look like they were still running yesterday. We spend the night on the river bank near the waterfall.

Day 8
In the morning we set off and in 7 km we’ll be near the incredibly powerful and beautiful waterfall Skogafoss, one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. Transfer by bus to the southernmost part of Iceland, the village of Vik. Here we settle at the camping. After that we unwind and have a delicious dinner.

Day 9
After breakfast we go for a walk on the black lava beach. The Atlantic Ocean awaits us (have you ever seen the ocean?). And most importantly, we will meet amazing birds -puffins, which are considered a symbol of Iceland. You can either return to Reykjavik the same day (at 20:30 there will be a bus) or relax and go there the next morning.

Day 10
A bus to Reykjavik. Finally, after getting a huge amount of unusual impressions, we say goodbye to Iceland and go home. If desired, you can also visit the icy lagoon from the last point of our route.

Cost:  650 евро
Discount: 10% for groups of 4 people and more (not applicable for individually organized trips for custom dates).

The price includes:

  • planned transfers along the route (Reykjavik – Landmannalauger; Skogar – Wieck);
  • overnight stays in campsites along the route (in Reykjavik and in Landmannalauger, Swartifoss);
  • group equipment (burners, boilers, fuel);
  • various and delicious food 3 times per day on the active part of the route: hot breakfast and dinner, for lunch – a healthy snack;
  • insurance;
  • group first aid kit;
  • instructor services.

Not included in the price:

  • airplane tickets (from 150 to 400 euros, depending on the date of purchase);
  • collection fee of the visa center of Norway (60 euros; relevant for those who do not have a biometric passport);
  • rent of personal equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, trekking poles, flashlight …).
  • transfers on the route airport – Reykjavik – airport (about 30 euros);
  • food in Reykjavik;
  • optional trip from the black sand beaches of Vik to the glacial lagoon + return to Reykjavik (150 euros for bus transfers) *.

* But we recommend making this trip for free – hitchhiking, giving yourself another adventure 🙂
Additional costs may sum up to about 200 EUR

1. Tent (place in a tent) – if you are going on a hike on your own and you have a tent (often for more than two people), be sure to inform the organizers (instructor) in advance so as not to drag extra pounds.

2. Tourist backpack and rain cover on the backpack (required!)
Girls – 50-80 liters
Guys – 60-100 liters

3. Sleeping bag (with a comfort temperature from 0 to +8)

4. Rug, it is also a mat (you can Izhevsk – cheap and good!)

5. Shoes

Trekking boots, fixing the ankle (always worn out! + Better leather, nubuck, minimum number of seams
A spare pair of shoes (or regular sneakers, or hiking shoes, preferably with thick soles, or sports sandals with Velcro like Teva / Source)

6. Clothes

Lightweight sweatpants (synthetic material or raincoat fabric, never jeans!)
Spare pants
Shorts or breeches (synthetic material or raincoat fabric)
T-shirt (3-4 pcs.). It is better to take synthetics, as it removes moisture more easily and dries, does not fade.
Windproof lightweight jacket, preferably waterproof. It will save you both from the sun and the wind.
Warm fleece jacket (polar). It happens that the temperature in the mountains drops to +5, so there is no way without insulation.
Headwear (buff / cap / bandana / panama hat) is required !! An irreplaceable thing. Worry about the headdress, it is very important!
Linen (several sets)
Swimsuit / swimming trunks. Let’s swim or sunbathe
Socks (multiple pairs)
The raincoat is on you! Must be required. Silicone / membrane or regular polyethylene. You can have a poncho raincoat.

7. Other

  • Backpack raincoat. If you don’t have a poncho raincoat, then a separate raincoat for your backpack should be a must! You can use a special rain cover on your backpack or a regular durable polyethylene raincoat wrapped around your backpack.
  • Trekking poles (optional, but desirable – they significantly relieve the knees and back muscles)
  • Flashlight (preferably a headlamp) and spare batteries for it.
  • Mug, spoon, bowl, knife). The utensils are metal or plastic, the knife is small and light.
  • Personal first-aid kit (plaster, elastic bandage. Plus, if there are health problems or medications that you take constantly, you must tell the instructor about it. This information is confidential, but the instructor must know about it in order to take security measures in case of anything). The instructor will have a full first aid kit.
  • Hygienic lipstick (the lips become chapped in the wind).
  • Hygiene products (toothbrush, paste, toilet paper).
  • Wet wipes
  • Empty 2 liter plastic bottle! (for water for cooking, and to drink on the road, where there are no springs)
  • Garbage bags (10 x 60 liters, several x 120 liters) for packing things. Pack all things in packages.
  • Sun protection (optional)