Date Duration Host country:
24.10-31.10.2021 8 days Turkey
290 $

The western part of the Lycian way

The western part of the Lycian way is a unique opportunity to discover the real, non-tourist Turkey, and we invite you to hop on a journey with us!

Our trek will pass through old caravan paths among the age-old forests, along cozy bays, and only occasionally through villages and small resorts. Waterfalls, canyons, rocks and mountains, trails along high cliffs as well as ancient ruins are waiting for us.

The main purpose of the hike is to spend time with pleasure and enjoy the tropical nature of Turkey.

Hike in Turkey: The western part of the Lycian way

Host country:

Tour date:

8  days

~85 км.

Medium (preferably having hiking experience)

Tour reservation by tel:
+38 (098) 957 31 22

Or by:

Hurry up, the number of participants is limited!F

For companies of 6 people and more it is possible to organize the tour on convenient dates.

Our route:
Antalya – Fethiye – Oludeniz – Valley of Butterflies – Kabak – sitting – Gavuragilli – Xanthos – Kash – volcanic beaches – Apollonia – Uchagiz – Simena – Mira – Saint Nicholas – Antalya

Day 1
Meeting in Antalya in the hotel we booked, no later than 22:00.
As a rule, most of the group flies the same flight with an instructor and then gets to the hotel together. You can arrive at any convenient time, but morning is better to have time to walk through the intricacies of the Ottoman streets, which hold a special mysterious atmosphere of the East. In the evening we will have dinner in one of the restaurants.

Day 2
Fethiye – Oludeniz Lagoon
Breakfast at the hotel, after which custom transport in a few hours will take us to the village of Ovachik, where our walking route begins. We will begin a smooth ascent to the mountains, where we’ll be able to see stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the magical lagoon Oludeniz. After the first pass (720 m), we walk a little more and spend the night on a green meadow with a spring, near the village of Kirma.

Day 3
Faralya village – Butterfly Valley – Tavern
On this day we go to the Valley of Butterflies, a beautiful mountain gorge that will lead us to a cozy bay, lost among the rocks. We will leave our backpacks in one of the restaurants and pick them up after we return. After the gorge we’ll have a delicious lunch and set off towards the village of Kabak. Today we’ll spend a few hours by the sea. We’ll also spend the night by the sea in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean.

Day 4
Kabak – Paradise Bay, village Bogazichi
We will be climbing higher from the very morning. Along the way we’ll see two beautiful bays and go swimming if we want. Following the path that lies through the mountains, we will reach the ancient city, where we’ll enjoy stunning views. After passing this village we’ll climb a bit higher and then a short stretch of asphalt will lead us to the village of Bogazichi, where we’ll have an opportunity to shop and eat ice cream 🙂 After all necessary refreshments, we’ll walk a little and stop for the night in ancient terraces with beautiful views.

Day 5
village Bogazichi – xantos – m Kash
In the morning, in order not to walk on the asphalt road, we will have a short drive to the huge ancient city of Xanthos. Afterwards, we’ll move to the town of Kash, where we’ll be able to replenish our food supplies and rest by the sea in the afternoon. We’ll have dinner in one of the local restaurants.
After that we spend the night in a campsite with a hot shower and sockets.

Day 6
Volcanic beaches: Shepherd, Ufakdere, Uzyum
On this day we will walk along the sea, past the lava beaches and three extremely beautiful bays. In the third, called Uzyum, we’ll spend the night. This is a beautiful place with streams of frozen lava forming a maze of stone waves.

Day 7
Roman road – m Apollonia – Aperlae – m Uchagiz
On the seventh day we will move away from the sea for a while to visit the ruins of the ancient city, Apollonia. This pompous Greek city occupies the entire top of a huge hill. From here you can see the highest peaks of the Taurus Mountains. Then the trail will take us back to the sea, to the boat pier. If everything goes as planned – we will continue the journey by boat.
We will spend the night in the town of Uchagiz.

Day 8
Kale, city Simena – city Myru – Church of St. Nicholas – Antalya
In the morning of the eighth day, we will move to the city of Myra (30 minutes by minibus).
St. Nicholas of Myra was born and served as a bishop here. We will visit his church-museum, as well as the ruins of the ancient world, with the famous rock tombs inside.
Afterwards we’ll take a bus to Antalya, and get there approximately at 17-18 o’clock in the evening. We recommend booking plane tickets after 20:00. Those who wish can stay and continue their vacation 🙂

Important! The instructor has the right to make changes to the route at its discretion, based on his own experience, weather conditions, the state of the group or other factors. If the participant decides to leave the route, the money will not be refunded.

Cost: 290 $
Discount: 10% for groups of 4 people and more

The price includes:

  •  airplane tickets;
  • rent of personal equipment (place in a tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, trekking poles, flashlight …)
  • overnights at the campsite with a shower and electricity (about $ 3-5 per night);
  • a few snacks in restaurants (optional);
  • visiting paid sights.
  • For additional costs you should bring $ 50-60.

The price does not include:

  • airplane tickets;
  • rent of personal equipment (place in a tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, trekking poles, flashlight …)
  • a few snacks in restaurants (optional);
  • visiting paid sights.
  • For additional costs you should bring $ 50-60.

1. Tent (place in a tent) – if you are going on a hike on your own and you have a tent (often for more than two people), be sure to inform the organizers (instructor) in advance so as not to drag extra pounds.

2. Tourist backpack and rain cover on the backpack (required!)
Girls – 50-80 liters
Guys – 60-100 liters

3. Sleeping bag (with a comfort temperature from +0 to +8)

4. Rug, it is also a mat (

5. Shoes

Trekking boots, fixing the ankle (always worn out! + Better leather, nubuck, minimum number of seams
A spare pair of shoes (or regular sneakers, or hiking shoes, preferably with thick soles, or sports sandals with Velcro like Teva / Source)

6. Clothes

  • Lightweight sweatpants (synthetic material or raincoat fabric, never jeans!)
  • Shorts or breeches (synthetic material or raincoat fabric)
  • T-shirt (3 pcs.). It is better to take synthetics, as it removes moisture more easily and dries, does not fade.
  • Windproof lightweight jacket, preferably waterproof. It will save you both from the sun and the wind.
  • Warm fleece jacket (polar). It happens that the temperature in the mountains drops to +5, so there is no way without insulation.
  • Headwear (buff / cap / bandana / panama hat) is required !! An irreplaceable thing. Worry about the headdress, it is very
  • Linen (several sets)
  • Swimsuit / swimming trunks. Let’s swim or sunbathe
  • Socks (multiple pairs)
  • The raincoat is on you! Must be required. Silicone / membrane or regular polyethylene. You can have a poncho raincoat.

7. Other

  • Backpack raincoat. If you don’t have a poncho raincoat, then a separate raincoat for your backpack should be a must! You can use a special rain cover on your backpack or a regular durable polyethylene raincoat wrapped around your backpack.
  • Trekking poles (optional, but desirable – they significantly relieve the knees and back muscles)
  • Flashlight (preferably a headlamp) and spare batteries for it.
  • Mug, spoon, bowl, knife. The utensils are metal or plastic, the knife is small and light.
  • Personal first-aid kit (plaster, elastic bandage. Plus, if there are health problems or medications that you take constantly, you must tell the instructor about it. This information is confidential, but the instructor must know about it in order to take security measures in case of anything). The instructor will have a full first aid kit.
  • Hygienic lipstick (the lips become chapped in the wind).
  • Hygiene products (toothbrush, paste, toilet paper).
  • Empty 2 liter plastic bottle! (for water for cooking, and to drink on the road, where there are no springs)
  • Garbage bags (10 x 60 liters, several x 120 liters) for packing things. Pack all things in packages.
  • Sitter (optional).
  • Sun protection (optional)